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Origin Scheme Update 11th May 2020

Hello everyone,

By now everyone should be aware that golf has been given the green light from Wednesday this week.

Following discussions with both Bedfordshire GC and Pavenham Park GC we have agreed that (subject to conditions continuing to improve) Access Fore Golf members can restart playing from Monday 1st June. Whilst this may disappoint some, I feel allowing the Clubs time to restart and their staff to get into the swing of things makes sense. I will be having discussions with both courses on Monday 25th May to confirm that this date is possible. From there your membership cards will be dated to expire 31st May 2021 and will be posted

Both courses are looking to open to full members on Wednesday with various restrictions. Bedfordshire is implementing a new online tee booking system which we will need to be set up on. Pavenham Park is limiting members to 2 x 9 holes per week and only 9 hole play is possible. These are to ensure fairness and availability to members to play. What additional restrictions may come into force moving forward we do not know at this time. Both are also limited to single and 2 ball play only.

Regarding Collingtree Park GC, unfortunately I have not managed to secure membership moving forward. I am still waiting to hear if they will offer Access Fore Golf members a reduced green fee to keep our 16 year relationship going forward. I'm sorry I could not bring better news on this.

I will update you all after my discussions on the 25th May.

Until then stay safe and well


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