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Ever had a putter fitting?

The most used club in the bag and yet the one that most people just buy off the shelf. Have you ever experienced a putter fit? Looking at lie,loft (yes your 'flat stick' needs loft!), shaft, grip, weighting and head shape. All these elements work together to give you the best opportunity to hole those birdie/eagle/par saving and the occasional bogey putts.

This year I had the great pleasure to visit Putter Lab (part of CustomLabGolf) in Bedford to go through an hour long putter fitting session with Tom. Using the SamLab technology that captures and measures the point of impact with the ball we were able to make subtle tweaks and changes to my delivery to maximise my performance. Using 7 putts per test to home in on the ultimate performer for my stroke. The Evnroll putter shown above was the final test and the only one that I holed 7 of 7. Trying different head shapes and grips really showed what style best suited my eye and felt most comfortable.

Tom was very knowledgeable on what to recommend and how each subtle change should feel and the expected performance gains. They hold a large selection of putters ensuring that every taste and stroke is catered for and they can without fail put the right weapon in your hands.

I would strongly urge you to give them a try if you are considering changing your putter. CustomLabGolf also provide other fitting services to cater for your whole bag.

Here's to seeing the ball disappear more frequently, and I don't mean OB!!

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